Computer Repairs

A great place in Port St Lucie to have your computer up and running again

We fix Mac or Windows computers

Here at St Lucie Phone Repairs we configure or fix your computer, desktop or laptop as fast as we can!

No matter if it’s a Mac or Windows, our passion is to fix it.

We work with numerous services on your computer to provide smooth running of all parts and software installed on it. Our technician has over 20 years’ experience in repairing, installing, configuring machines running Windows or Apple operating systems. So there are no problems that cannot be solved in our hands.


  • Install OS System
  • Backup and restore
  • Internet setup
  • Printer installation
  • hardware upgrade (Hard Discs, Memory)


  • Hard Discs
  • LCD Screen
  • CPUs and coolers
  • Power supply

Bring us your computer or be served in the comfort of your home or office for a small convenience fee for same-day service (coming soon).

So if you are having problems with your computer

Do not hesitate and call us right now to schedule an appointment or to check an estimate of our services.

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