iPhone Battery Replacement

If your iPhone needs a battery replacement contact us

Here at St Lucie Phone Repairs have your iPhone battery replacement in minutes. We have a large supply of replacement batteries and we can do it while you wait for your iPhone.

If you notice that your iPhone has run out of battery power very quickly, or if it tries to recharge and fails, it is time to replace your battery.

iPhone battery replacement
Don’t be without your phone for hours. We can help you in minutes!

And here some tips to extend the life of your battery and how to improve your use

  • check app-by-app battery usage
  • lower screen brightness
  • turn your flashlight down low
  • use low power mode
  • don’t push, fetch less
  • limit background app refresh and auto downloads
  • disable some visual effects
  • tighten up Auto-Lock
  • see what’s tracking your location
  • restrict notifications

One last tip: don’t let your battery die before recharge. Lithium batteries have a life cycle that tells you how many times they can be fully recharged over their lifetime. So always try to keep your battery charged.

battery indicator
If your battery isn’t loading anymore, bring it to us.

So, if you need your iPhone battery replacement in minutes, call us right now and schedule a visit, just click

(772) 999-1604

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